Too unfocused?

Again tight on the clock, so I’ve to stay a bit brief, even though I already get some work done with my longer posts, since I can use my traveling time to write them bit by bit. But being able to post once a day as long as I can is simply awesome.

I got my hands of the first part of Tyranny of Dragons (Hoard of the Dragon Queen) and I saw soon, that a lot of monsters were missing. Actually there is a pdf as free Supplement online, which you’ll use in combination with the hardcopy. So now I have a hardcopy, and a pdf, additionally to my other rulebooks. So the question remains: Isn’t this unfocused?

For running the adventure itself, it doesn’t bother me too much personally, since I keep track of most things with my notebook anyway and having monsters inside a pdf is practical, since you can just use the Search Tool to find them quickly. But it slightly annoys me, that I have some enemies in the hardcover and others in another document alltogether, so I’ve to have 2 sources of information ready. And if I were a diehard oldschool DM (or somewhere without electrical outlet), I would be pretty pissed about the fact, that I had to print the supplement and got too much paper behind my screen.

But there are upsides. First, it’s for free and meant less pages for the hardcover, so less dollars/euro too pay. Second: The monsters and magic items there aren’t only for Tyranny of Dragons, but for anything. There are even some entries, which weren’t in the Base DMG, so even if you don’t run these adventures, you can still use their supplements well.

The great down: You have to be up to date, if you want to get most of the free options available (but seriously: Just buy the books!), the great up the fact, that if WotC is continuing this, you practically have always the right enemies and items in one document, so you don’t have to search for them endlessly in your MM and DMG hardcover. Instead you have to think, if they were in the supplement or the actual adventure, so it’s pretty much the same. Damn it!

Let’s see if my players are able to prevent Tiamat on rising to the Forgotten Realms. … I’d better practice my curtsey.


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