Why DMG? WHY?!!

I postpone the overview of the cleric another day, I’ll start today, but since it has too many domains to cover, I simply can’t do it in one day. Work, sleep and such. But to fill the day, I picked up a small issue I have. And that have to do with the DMG.

For those who didn’t knew, the official release pushed back to 9th December, which doesn’t bother me too much. Inconvenient, yes. But I’d rather have a overworked product. That so many optional rules are there, which could easily be introduced in the PHB? We got a bit closer. Here is a list, which got around some forums, no one knows how accurate it is. I marked those red which were in the playtest, orange for systems which reminds me of specific aspects of the playtest and green which have my personal interest:


  • costs to construct building
  • costs for hirelings
  • downtime activites (most of which have a 20% chance of going to jail for 5d6 days)
  • domains (kingdom builder rules)
  • using miniatures!!!
  • travel hazards
  • diseases
  • poisons
  • madness
  • traps
  • puzzles
  • modifying races
  • creating new races
  • monsters as characters
  • modifying classes

optional rules:

  • training to level up
  • trading in magic items
  • flanking
  • attacking cover
  • morale
  • action points
  • called shots
  • alternate skill systems (13th age backgrounds are an option)
  • vitality
  • spell points
  • skill points
  • single strike (1 attack roll, cumulative damage)
  • second wind
  • rest variants
  • proficiency dice
  • massive damage
  • marking
  • facing
  • cleaving through the horde
  • automatic success
  • chases
  • cantrip slots
  • action points (again?)
  • group initiative
  • weapon speed
  • passive initiative
  • gestalt characters

There are some things which should interest me, but somehow don’t. Most likely since I’ll await something vague for these topics like the stuff they wrote about it in 3e and 4e. But even though I’m positive that I’ll never use some of these things (without knowing more than the name), I’m not displeased by it. But a little tiny fact is annoying me:

That at least 2 subclasses were transferred in the DMG!

On the cleric side the Death Domain and the paladin lost the Oathbreaker. Maybe even more. And the question remains: Why?


Because these paths are so evil-natured that only NPCs should have access to it? Double Bullshit! First, if that’d be the case, why even develop those classes and taking the Necromancer into the PHB, which Animate Dead Feature is clearly suggesting the most evil thing about necromancy: The ability to create undead! And second, they already wrote that it might be possible to play a cleric with the Death Domain if your DM allows it. Generally most subclasses should stand over the alignment chart, even though some are more into specific alignments… OK, take paladins out of this, since the oath’s tenets are more or less binding you to a limited numbers of possible alignments (hard to play an evil character under the oath of devotion).

So either both subclasses weren’t finished yet (another reason to push back the release date maybe) or they were not as logical about it, as I would prefer. I know, that sometimes it’s just better to keep to a logic, which doesn’t make too much sense, since other things (like feeling, setting, etc.) are more important. But we’re talking about Player Class’ options. So I just hope that the priority if these subclasses weren’t high enough to be developed as fast as the others or to push back the release date of the PHB. Because if this weren’t the case, I’d get really angry about it!

Some other player’s are sharing my displeasure, but while it’s more of a logical question in my case and my aversion of (letting my players) cramming more rulebooks than needed, other have other issues, like the fascination of playing an evil character. Since evil is cool… I suppose. At least a lot of people like villains more than heroes, but playing an evil character would be pretty boring for me after a while… Unless the campaign is cleverly written, but even then I’d have more fun playing a good campaign than being an evil character…



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