It’s OK, Steve Winter

After reading the forums, I realized (too late), that the issue of mistakes in Hoard of the Dragon Queen is already partially answered by one of its designers, Steve Winter. You can read the interview here.


Some people would be angry, but every college student who actually had to redo a term paper knows, how hard it is to actually do this. You are so familiar with the sentences, that you can’t actually read them anymore, but more of interpret them, all the stuff and basics in your head is always saying yes, while the new adjustments on the briefing before says no.

You always miss things and even proof reading isn’t all that helpful, if you have either those who also have the old rulings in their heads or those, who doesn’t know the rules at all. It’s a very sad thing, but this was unavoidable. Yes, they could push back the release, but since Tyranny of the Dragons is such a large event, this couldn’t happen without further consequences. Especially considering that they even includes comics and a quest path in the Neverwinter online game about it. When there is so many things about this adventure, it’d be better on time, right?

Since I’ll run HotDQ, I plan to make game reports for my players and readers and DM adjustments I made will be included and marked, too. Maybe this might help and maybe it will speak in a humor, which only DMs understands. Sometimes game designers seems to have no clue what they’re doing, but mostly they do better than everyone of us. We only need to look into our party, they need to look from a broader perspective.

Even though there are parts that annoys me (like why they did not included those special NPCs in the supplement, which would make some more sense in organizing) and I’ll have to have my adjustments ready, I wanted to say this: It’s OK, Steve Winter. Let’s hope together, that an official errata will be allowed by WotC, so your team will regain its honor and we don’t keep the feeling of being betrayed by buying this book which is seemingly faulty here and there. 😉


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