Compendium of Races

Hey there. This blog may be on pause, since my new work and a lot of D&D (there can’t be too much) eats my time well and I’m still half-moving, therefore I’m currently a bit much lazy. But sometimes I do some stuff, too, so here we are.
I’m reading through the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide and I’m surprised, how few character options are there. It seems that WotC wants to stick with the “slow but good”-pacing and I like it.
But since we already have different resources for player characters, I brought some together in one .pdf. This is a racial compendium, filled with fluff-texts and traits from the PHB, SCAG, DMG and EEPC. These are all official rulings, no homemade.
Maybe I’ll update it at a later occasion. But the next plan would be, to do the same for classes. Maybe one day…

Compendium of Races (kentusrpg)v2

EDIT: Updated to v2, some minor corrections.