Ranarion Xiloscient (Half-Elven Druid)

OK, my first Characon will be my first real longterm character, Ranarion Xiloscient, played in 3.0e. He got to 15th level and was made while I was a young teenager. I personally think that the 3.0e did some things better than 3.5e and I had a lot of fun with this party, which got the dwarven twins Garzak & Gorzak Dankil (fighter, fighter/rogue), Bogul Hall (half-elven cleric) and Dragon Achalis (half-elven sorcerer). I think I’ll convert all of them at some point, even though I’ll have to guess some of their ability scores.


But back to Ranar, he (and his party members) were born and brought up in the so called Anandil Dale, where all who were born on midsummer are brought up as chosen ones, every one of them were an exceptional being and one day a group of them will save the world (or something along those lines).

I rolled pretty well that time, my starting ability-scores were: 14, 15, 15, 13, 16, 14, as an half-elf in 5e I get actual ability bonuses, +2 to CHA, which means 16 and +1 to two abilities of choice. If I was the teenager back then, I’d chose DEX and CON, but with all my knowledge how Ranarion develops and what I envision him to be, I choose INT and WIS.

Ranarion was brought up and taught by the leading druid of the Anandil Dale, living with the nature, spending days out and learning all about the things a druid had to know. In the end I chose the Sage background, since I still felt like Ranarion was more an apprentice than a real Outlander.

So I get Arcana and History as Skill Proficiencies, I take Animal Handling and Nature as a Druid and Survival and Perception as a half-elf. In 3e I had only the following languages: Common, Elven, Sylvan and Druidic. Now I’ll get 2 additional languages due the Sage background, since I want to talk to elements, Primordial is vital and Orc to know the most known enemies of the Anandil Folk. After this:

  • Personal Trait: I’m willing to listen to every side of an  argument before I  make my own judgment.
  • Ideals: Self-Improvement. The goal of a  life of study is the betterment of oneself.
  • Bonds: I’ve been searching my whole life for the answer to a certain question.
  • Flaws: I overlook obvious solutions in favor of complicated ones.

Ranar was always caught up in conflicts, he tried to maintain the greater balance of the world, while the prophecy of Anandil made him a herald of the good, later he was caught between being more of a wolf than a human (homebrew prestige class), the prophecy itself was kinda strange, the more he gained experience, struggling with anything he believed since he was small. Oh, and his animal companion wolf was reincarnated as a brown bear!

He wields a Quarterstaff as a weapon, together with a sling and a hide armor.


But for now he’ll be a good fellow, who will put most ability score improvements in abilities and will take the circle of the moon at 2nd level, favoring canine forms for combat and bird forms for scouting. His spells are more battle control focused with one or two surprises, when strange situations might come. Better to be too prepared than having too the prepared spells too focused on one situation.


You can download the character sheet here, but it’s lacking a spell sheet, so I wrote the prepared spells and cantrips on the second page.

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