Hi there, my name is Kentusrpg and I’m a regular roleplayer for about 13 years. My favorite and true starter system was D&D 3.0e and I kept with the system for 3.5e, 4e, D&D Next (the playtest for 5e) and now 5e. After reading all kind of forums and postings about 5e even before it really started made me realize, that truly everyone can post some postings or comments, even though their opinions aren’t always as smart and neat as suitable and sometimes even cynic, narrow-minded and mean.
So I decided to make my own blog to talk about my opinion about all kind of D&D-Stuff, serves you right!!! 😉


Please overlook my sometimes bad English, since I’m a German and lives near Hamburg, so I’m kinda doomed to make some mistakes every now and then. But since I want people to read my blog, I better address as most people as possible.

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