Supplements for you to download. Even though it’s mostly just basic stuff and won’t grow as fast. Right-click and “Save Link as” and you can enhance your game experience by stuff.

Useful Stuff

  • The Sage Advice (Link) – If something is unclear about a rule, you might find here the opinion of the developers.
  • Errata PHB v1.1 (.pdf) – No “re-balancing” here, this errata is about making rules and intentions clear and some minor mistakes. For re-balancing and stuff is Unearthen Arcana and such.
  • Spell Lists v1.0 (.pdf) – Spell lists from PHB sorted by different means, like spell school, alphabet, ritual, etc.

Player Guides

Unearthen Arcana

  • Army-Combat (.pdf) – If you want to make great battles without setting hundreds of miniatures on the table, you might think about using this.
  • Eberron (.pdf) – Features the Warforged, Changeling and Shifter races, Action Points, the Wizard’s Arcane Tradition Artificer and Dragonmarks.
  • Class Variations (.pdf) – Includes hints to how to change classes and semi-official rules for a spell-less ranger and the Sorcerer’s Favored Soul Origin.
  • Waterborn (.pdf) – This is for campaigns at the sea. The Krynnian Minotaur, the Mariner Fighting Style, the Storm Sorcerer and the Rogue Swashbuckler are included.
  • Variant Rules (.pdf) – Some rule variants, like letting make the players do all the rolls, vitality points to enhance the hit point system and finally how to create your own alignment system to adapt it to your campaign.


  • Leugren’s Random Tables (Link) – If you want to make use of the random tables of the DMG or the PHB, you might find these tools useful.
  • XP-Budget Calculator (.xls) – My self-made one. Use it to simply buy monsters for encounters instead of the normal comparing system. It’s almost like 4e that way, even though your budget will decrease for more monsters (since more numbers of monsters makes a harder encounter). It’s totally based of the Basic Rules, I just rearranged the formula, so you can simply think how hard an encounter should be, how many monsters should take part in it and how many XP you can spent on said monsters.

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